I am a student at Tawa Intermediate School in Wellington, New Zealand. I am in Room 15 and a member of the amazing Huia Syndicate. My teacher is Stephanie Thompson.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

The best cross country run ever

This picture is about me running :)
Yesterday was the day I was waiting for. My syndicate had been practising for weeks and now the event was here. Te event was called cross country it's a really fun running event. 

It's about you running around a big track and trying to get a good time and try to non-stop run (well you could stop) but I tried not to stop so when I was about to stop I pushed my self. 

At the start I was nerves and I had butterflies in my stomach but when I was in the race I had a great time didn't give up and I kept running.

I was in the race. I sometimes stopped well not stopped just slowed down and I speed walked and it was tiring but I did it. When I ran down the hills I didn't sprint I jogged. I jogged because I didn't want to be out of energy when I got down to the bottom. If I sprinted down the hill, I would have walked up the next hill then jogged again but that would be a wast of time. 

When I ran past all of the teachers they said to me go Quintin or keep going and stuff like that so they in encouraged me to keep going. The thing I like about cross country is the running. I like the running because it helps me try and keep my stamina up and the other thing I like is the encouragement. I like it because it helps me to never give up and keep going. 

When I was nearly near the end, I started sprinting because there were people trying to beat me to the end. So I tried to beat them and I did. My goal for next year is to try and beat my place because this year my place was 52 but I know I can do better. So that's what I'm going to try do next year and I will achieve it and it's going to be fun.


  1. Hi quintin
    that story was really cool, I couldnt peel my eyes away from it!!! :D when I was in primary school I really enoyed doing cross country as well!! :D

    room 5
    melville intermediate

  2. Hi Quintin

    Wow you sound like a great runner. It was great to read in your story that at the end of you race you started to sprit because it always helps, because it either allows you to pass people or it stops you from getting past.

    Mya 8B Selwyn House.

  3. Hi Quintin
    I was really impressed with the way you edited your work. You turned a good piece of writing into an EXCELLENT piece of work! I hope you read the comments and feel proud.

    What was the trickiest bit of cross country?


    1. My trickiest bit of cross country was keeping up my pace so like trying not to stop.

  4. G'day Quintin! Good work on your Cross Country! I liked how you added powerful verbs e.g'butterflies in my stomach'. I wonder what would happen in the next Cross Country!

    Mitchell L Room 13

  5. Hello Quintin
    It looked like you had heaps of fun at your schools cross country and your was really cool :)
    Reitu,Room5,Melville Intermediate

  6. hello Quintin
    it looks like u had a very fun time doing cross country i cant wait untill my cross country

    room 5
    melville intermediate

  7. hello my name is Jackie and i was looking at your picture and I think it was really cool and I think you were having fun at the Cross Country and it look like you were proud.
    Jackie, Room Five, Melville Intermediate, Hamilton, Waikato.

  8. Thank you everyone for the comments I really appreciate :)


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